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Truck bed liner/self-lubricating UHMWPE liner plastic UHMW PE Truck dump bed liner

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Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethene Sheet (UHMW-PE Sheet) is a kind of  thermo plastic engineering plastic, and it’s a kind of new material. 

The UHMWPE Sheet combines almost all the advantages of all types of plastic, such as the excellent wear resistance, resistance of impact and chemical corrosion, selflubricating, etc. 

Low abrasion, light in weight, non water absorbtion, antiaging, etc are also its advantages. 

It can work in a quite low temperature---as low as to -239°C.

Dump Truck Liners are pre-fabricated and custom-made for easy installation.

Installing Dump Truck Liner from Polymer Systems will offer the following benefits:
Protect Your Equipment
Haul More Loads Per Day
Eliminate Sticking & Freezing
Reduce Roll-Over Risk
Dump Quicker – Less Carry-Back