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Good impact plastic ground protection mat

2020-5-29      View:
Strong polyethylene paving board, size can be customized according to the surface area of the road
Fast installation to reduce labor costs.
Provide fast, secure connection.
It can be recycled for a long time to save cost.
Stable environment, reusable.

Polyethylene paving board is a good temporary road solution, any project can be widely used.

Polyethylene paving boards are often used on civil construction sites for natural gas, oil and drilling projects, 

or for temporary transport roads and passageways.

Polyethylene pavements provide excellent floor protection and protection from chemical attack.

These polyethylene paving boards are superior in environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, 

beaches, riverbanks or sand, swamps and muddy surfaces.

Polythene paving boards are solid or hollow and are specially fitted with linkers.

Reusable, waterproof, durable, resistant to mold, mildew, and decay.

They are easy to transport, easy to install and easy to clean.

Using polyethylene paving boards instead of plywood protects trees and reduces pollution from logging, milling and transportation.