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XINXING plastic UHMWPE liners

2020-5-18      View:

UHMW-PE 's excellent barsion and lubrication, low friction coefficient and other good properties make UHMW-PE liner 

to be the ildeal choice for most chute , silo , and bunker liners . 

It can efficiently solve the blanking plug problem , the user will not use the air cannon to push the blanking plug material in the silo , chute , 

UHMWPE liner can highly increase users' work efficience , bringing a lot  extra benefit .

UHMWPE liner is 6 times more abarasion resistant than steel liner , and it is 12 time than cement wall . 

UHMWPE liner's  composite cost is 40% lowe than steel liner and cement wall , 

and it is comprehensive benefits is 80% higher than steel liner and cemet wall .

Now more and more customer choose UHMWPE liner for their indutries , UHMWPE liners bring much benefits to our customers .

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