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Portable ground protection mat

2020-6-3      View:

The temporary connecting road is characterized by light weight and high strength, anti-corrosion and aging resistance, 

convenient installation, long service life, green and environmental protection, etc., and reasonable structural modeling.

Realize the temporary road, work platform and other places to build quickly.

The temporary connection road has excellent load bearing and traction, and will not corroded or degraded by air, 

and will not absorb chemical substances for repeated use for many years. 

The composite paving mat has good toughness under the conditions of rigidity and strength, dielectric property, environmental corrosion resistance and so on.

The temporary link road is an environmentally friendly composite pad that does not absorb or retain harmful chemicals and thus does not transfer pollutants to other sites or storage facilities.

Ensure that all raw materials are completely melted and formed into one body without cracks and inconsistencies.

Temporary road connection to protect the environment and prevent pollution