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manufacturing dual color three layer HDPE sheet for fairground or children outdoor playground

2021-3-16      View:

HDPE Strps, HDPE block, hdpe sheet and all kinds of HDPE products is available in XINXING .

HDPE high density polyethylene (PE300) has excellent impact strength, even at temperatures as low as -30ºC. 

Coupled with low coefficient of friction and ease of fabrication, HDPE high density polyethylene is widely used in automotive, 

leisure and industrial applications and is particularly suitable for the fabrication of tanks, silos, hoppers etc.

*good impact resistance
*low temperature 
*chemical stability
*electric insulation
*reistant to acid,alkali,salt aqueous


*Used as anti-erode machines components
*insulation material
*soundproff material for air-conditioner
*rink enclosure
*food machine



Width*Length:1000mm*2000mm,1220mm*2440mm,as order.


Any need please don't hesitate to contact echo@sdxxhg.com or just call +86 17553418926!