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Two color screw conveyor lining

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The higher the molecular weight of the material, the higher the wear-resistant, and even more than many metal materials (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc.).

For example, the service life of UHMWPE-PE pipe is 4-6 times that of steel pipe under the condition of strong corrosion and high wear, and the transportation efficiency is improved by 20%.

Fully show the "energy saving, environmental protection, economy, high efficiency" superiority.

Corrosion resistance: not corroded in lye, can be used in 80°C concentrated hydrochloric acid, in 75% concentrated sulfuric acid, 20% nitric acid performance is stable, it is also stable to sea water, liquid detergents.

Very low friction coefficient: static friction coefficient of 0.07, good self-lubrication, is an ideal bearing, bushing, sliding block, lining material.

Choose UHMWPE as the friction parts of the equipment, in addition to improve the wear-resisting life, cocoa received the effect of energy saving.

1. Very low dynamic friction coefficient;

2. Extreme wear resistance;

3. Resistance to chemicals;

4. Corrosion resistance;

5. High impact strength;

6. Service temperature range -260 to +80 C.

Dual color screw conveyor lining ultra high molecular weight polyethylene products are plate class, pipe class, bar class and finished products, including gear, bearings, bushings, rollers, guide rails, sliders and various products.

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