Self lubricating customized wear resistance conveyor uhmwpe wear strip

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Self lubricating customized wear resistance conveyor uhmwpe wear strip

We offer an extensive range of extruded and machined plastic profiles and German

UHMWPE Wear Strip such as under chain track profiles, plastic wear strips and 

plastic conveyor chain tensioner for use in power transmission, conveying, elevating 

and in materials handling applications. Traditional steel guide profiles lead to heavy 

wear on steel chain links plates and rollers, requiring constant lubrication. UHMWPE 

Wear Strip can offer unique sliding and low wear properties to help resolve these problem.

UHMWPE material has many advantage to make it to be the ideal material as different Industry elements and equipments . 

Our professional workers will process the UHMWPE sheet and rod into different shape as customer special request . If you have special parts

 troubled you , please feel free to contact us . Your approval is our greatest satisfaction !

Advantage of UHMWPE wear strips : 
· Exceptional abrasion & impact resistance.· High Sliding & non-stick characteristic· High chemical & weathering resistance· Non water absorption· 

Lowest coefficient of friction· Excellent electrical properties· Light weight· Ease of fabrication· Temperature range: -260°C ~ +80°C 

CNC machined UHMWPE products :

UHMWPE wear stips

wearable UHMWPE gasket 
Simple big size gear 
Sleeve pipe 
UHMWPE guide rail 
UHMWPE block

all shape UHMWPE CNC machined parts