HDPE practice hockey shooting pad and UHMWPE synthetic ice hockey rink

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How to choose a shooting pad : 

The smaller sizes are very affordable and good for younger players or as something to start with. 
If you will be doing mostly shooting than a small size will be good for you
If you are older and will be using your shooting pad a lot I strongly recommend a larger shooting pad.
The larger shooting pads are great because you have enough room to practice a variety of stickhandling moves.
Large hockey shooting boards also provide enough room for a full wrist shot and room to line up a few pucks for slapshots. Another great benefit of the pads are that they last a very long time

Key Features and Benefits

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use on a smooth, flat surface.
Slicker and more ice-like than puck board.
More durable than plexiglass.
At 1/10", it's thin enough to roll up yet thick enough for a smooth feel on heavy slap shots.
Large enough to practice multi-move sets and wide-angle toe-drags.
Eliminates tape marks on your floors or driveway.
Works great with a passer 

Advantage of  Self-lubricating HDPE shooting pad

1. Non-Toxic and smell 
2. Low coefficient of friction 
3. Corrosion resistant 
4. Abrasion and impact resistant 
5. Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging 
6. Self-lubricating 
7. Wear Resistant 
8. Great liner material for industrial material handling applications 
9. UV Resistant/ultraviolet-resistance sheet 
10. High Operating Temperature 
11. High Tensile Strength 
12. High Viscosity 
13. Flame Retardant 

14. Reprocessed

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