Synthetic ice rink Dasher Board

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synthetic ice skating rink plastic artificial ice hockey rink

Xinxing ICE Rrink panel adopts 100% pure new UHMWPE material which has more than 4.5million molecular weight .

Our uhmwpe ice skating rink are fabricated from the UHMWPE material which has self-lubricating properties that could enhance the rink slick experience .

Advantages :
· Ice skating is possible 365 days a year!
· Indoor and outdoor usage
· suitable for fixed and mobile ice skating rinks due to its simple and quick installation
· Low cost of ownership: no water and electricity are needed
· Simple maintenance
· Long product lifetime of more than 10 years
· Ecologically and environmentally friendly
· Completely recyclable
· Useage with the usual ice skating equipment

· Leisure time installations, sport parks and sport centres
· Home training installations :shooting zones, stick handing
· Ice-hockey, speed and figure skating, curling
· Shopping centers
· Sport shops
· Events, fairs, theatres, etc.
· Hotel

· Entertainment and holiday parks.

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