Wear Resistant Excellent Self Lubrication White Synthetic Ice Skating Rinks

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The Tongue and Groove Connection
Synthetic Ice Panel uses our upgrade developed connection. The tongue and groove connections of the synthetic ice panels, it provide a super smooth surface and the most secure connection.

The panels can be installed quickly and easily. only a hammer is required to fit the plugs that will secure the panels together. 

to remove them, it is sufficient to lift each panel with a wooden strip and to strike both the panels and the plugs on countless occasions.

The tongue and groove connections of the synthetic ice panels prevent the appearance of dangerous steps between panels when the floor is not 100% even and 

provide an optimal glide over the joints between panels which make it unnoticeable when skating.

The synthetic ice rink can be applied to:

Ice hockey sport, Campus activities, Stage performance, Figure skating, Backyard garden, Basement, stadium, Featured School 
training ground, Commercial skating ground, Skating club ground, etc.

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