virgin hdpe plastic hockyshot sliding practice shooting pads

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HDPE hockey shooting pad Application

Hockey practice slide shooting pad boards provide the ideal surface for training or practicing shooting skills, stick handling and goal tending! 

Our hockey shooting board/shooting pad/shooting mat is has been specifically engineered to replicate an ice hockey surface.

Use the hockey shooting board to practice your wrist shot and snap shot, or even your slap shot in a confined space. 

Any drill that involves stationary shooting can be done with this hockey shooting mat, as well as stationary stick handling drills.

How to choose a shooting pad : 

The smaller sizes are very affordable and good for younger players or as something to start with. 
If you will be doing mostly shooting than a small size will be good for you
If you are older and will be using your shooting pad a lot I strongly recommend a larger shooting pad.
The larger shooting pads are great because you have enough room to practice a variety of stickhandling moves.
Large hockey shooting boards also provide enough room for a full wrist shot and room to line up a few pucks for slapshots. Another great benefit of the pads are that they last a very long time

Key Features and Benefits

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use on a smooth, flat surface.
Slicker and more ice-like than puck board.
More durable than plexiglass.
At 1/10”, it’s thin enough to roll up yet thick enough for a smooth feel on heavy slap shots.
Large enough to practice multi-move sets and wide-angle toe-drags.
Eliminates tape marks on your floors or driveway.
Works great with a passer 

Advantage of Self-lubricating HDPE shooting pad

1. Non-Toxic and smell 
2. Low coefficient of friction 
3. Corrosion resistant 
4. Abrasion and impact resistant 
5. Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging 
6. Self-lubricating 
7. Wear Resistant 
8. Great liner material for industrial material handling applications 
9. UV Resistant/ultraviolet-resistance sheet 
10. High Operating Temperature 
11. High Tensile Strength 
12. High Viscosity 
13. Flame Retardant 
14. Reprocessed

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